Real - time viewing SQLite data on running App.

Automatically generate Objc code of Table class, 50% time save .

Multi-format Data Import/Export.


Probe SQLite on All Devices

By Linking our Probe Library to your Xcode project,You can view SQLite data on running iOS/OSX App in real-time.In some developing and testing process, this will be very useful.

Code Auto-Generation

We offer you all table Model & DAO Class Code based FMDB,the class covers all data manipulation methods. We also provide code template,you can customize it to meet your other needs.

Create Table is Flexible

There are many ways of create table,in addition to conventional column definition, SQLite+ also provide other 4 ways: 1)Analyse objc class properties as table columns;2)Parse json fields as table columns; 3)Execute SQL to create table;4)Drag table from other database.

Multi-Database Admin,Browse

Open All Your Database in one tree navigation can also open every database in single window by click context menu(open new window) in database node. Magic data,a power function can auto-generate test data, other function including rename/alter/drop/empty/duplicate table,merge database, etc...

Data Import,Export

SQLite+ supports sql,json,csv,xml,plist format data import/export. in particular, it can import MySQL database SQL script.

iCloud Backup Database

store your database to iCloud,You need config your iCloud accout in Mac Preference.

Schema Graph

Visualization database table schema model,you can save schema as image.